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The best guarantor organization for your rental.

Use Unkle, the renters guarantor, to convince and reassure your future landlord. After checking your documents, Unkle certifies your applicaiton and becomes your guarantor for your next rental. You have 10 times more chances to be accepted for your new place with the Unkle guarantee : submit your application in less than 3 minutes to receive your eligibility certificate.

More than 8000 tenants have used Unkle's services to rent faster

Unkle becomes your guarantor to maximize your chances of obtaining your accommodation from your landlord. A landlord has every interest in choosing a tenant from Unkle :
  • Your file is verified and certified by our dedicated team member
  • It's free until you find your apartment: you only pay when you find your apartment. The lowest price on the market for the highest quality guarantee: 3.5% of the amount of your rent which is an average between 20 and 30 €
  • A guarantor in 3 min: 3 min to create your account and get your guarantee in less than a day when we receive your documents!
With Unkle, you can have a guarantor in 3 minutes without having to solicit your parents or your family or friends. It can be helpful especially if you are a foreigner or an expatriate !
You can now rent your accommodation without having to seek outside help!
Choosing Unkle won't cost you much either: On average 20 to 30 E per month (the price of a Netflix subscription to enjoy the apartment you like!)
More than 80% of landlords require a guarantor/guarantee to rent their apartment. They choose the best application to rent their apartment.
With Unkle at your side, you have the best application!

How does it work?


I register in less than 3 minutes

In less than 3 minutes, complete your file and upload your supporting documents. If you don't have them all, no problem, you can upload them later!

You receive your eligibility certificate in less than 2 hours.

During your accommodation search and visits, add your Unkle Certificate to your application for the owners to see. This document proves that Unkle can be your guarantor !


You are a priority with our network of real estate partner agencies

If the owner does not know us, please send us his contact details. Our team will make sure that you have the accommodation.

Obtain the owner's agreement

and notify us at locataire@unkle.fr


Within two hours, you receive a secure payment link by email to activate your Unkle warranty

As soon as you pay, Unkle automatically sends the guarantee to the owner by e-mail

How much does it cost?

3,5 %
of rent amount including charges
Your rent
per month
3.5% of rent amount

They have found their apartment thanks to Unkle

  • Marine M.
    Marketing in Paris, 28 years old

    "After 3 years abroad, it has been a such a pain when I came back in France to find a flat in Paris. I had my parents as guarantor, and a good salary, but the answers were always the same, dozens and dozens of NO: 'no probation period, you don't have any taxes reference, no current French address, no French bank account blablabla'. A real nightmare! Basically, Unkle saved my life: with them as guarantor, I really quickly found an amazing flat to rent in the heart of Paris! Bonus: the team is really nice, responsive and supportive! I definitely recommend them; they will make your life so much easier! Thanks again to the whole team!"
  • Robin L.
    Freelance in Paris, 37 years old

    "Sorry, sir, you don't have a permanent contract. As a freelancer, I must have heard this sentence dozens of times. Thanks to Unkle, I was finally able to reassure an owner about my situation and my file has just been accepted: Thank you UNKLE!"
  • Emmanuel M.
    Student in Lille, 23 years old

    "I didn't think I'd have to struggle as hard to find an apartment as I did to find my internship. Unkle boosted my file and saved me a lot of time in my research."