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Unkle becomes the guarantor of all tenants to secure completely the owners' rental income and free of charge !

Rent your apartments faster, save time on file checks.

The advantages of Unkle for you and your clients

Protect your landlords for free!

You can give all your landlords the benefit of our free protection against all unpaid rent
  • Immediate repayment as soon as the 1st unpaid amount is due
  • No deductible
  • No waiting period
  • Unkle will take charge of the procedure at its own expense in the event of non-payment

3 advantages of Unkle

  1. Verified and certified tenant files: Access and verifications on governmental databases
  2. Totally secure rents: Receive your rents every month (with no deductible or waiting period)
  3. Free of charge: The Unkle guarantee is supported by your tenant and does not reduce your rental investment.

Become a Unkle partner and receive commissions

Verification and certification of all our partners' tenant files in less than 24 hours and issuance of the Unkle guarantee in 2 hours
Highlighting our partnered rental agencies with tenants we certify
30€ commission for each tenant guaranteed by Unkle