Rent Guarantee Insurance from €0

Secure your rental investment

At Unkle, we help you simplify and reassure the selection of your tenant. We have therefore designed a simple and transparent Unpaid Rental Guarantee.

With Unkle, you have the security to select the right tenant file

Unkle certifies and validates your tenant's file before the insurance is set up.

With Unkle, you don't have to worry about anything

We manage the unpaid rent and reimburse it to you within 30 days.

With Unkle, you protect your property at a simple price

We insure 100% of your rent from 9,99 € / month.

Join our community of +6500 insured and happy owners!
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Why get an unpaid rent insurance?

An unpaid rent guarantee insurance allows you to :

Not to be financially impacted by late or non-payment of rent
To accompany you on a daily basis in order to efficiently manage unpaid rents.
Let you benefit from our expertise and know-how
Provide you with legal protection if necessary

Two Rent Guarantee insurances to secure your rents

Rent Default Insurance, also known as Rent Guarantee insurance, or GLI (Garantie Loyer Impayé), protects you from unpaid rent. With Unkle, property damage is covered by the landlord's guarantee and legal protection is included in all our insurance packages

Unkle Renter Guarantee

€0 for the landlord
Unkle becomes the guarantor of renters to protect landlords against the risk of default.
Free for the landlord, no need for an individual guarantor
Refunds within 30 days in case of non-payment
No deductible
No waiting period
€96,000 covered
Unpaid rent insurance paid annually or monthly by the tenant: from €14.99/month

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Rent Guarantee Insurance (Landlord)

From €9.90/month
As a landlord, you subscribe to our Rent Default Insurance (Rent Guarantee Insurance)
No need for a guarantor for your renter (except student or apprentice)
Refunds within 30 days in case of non-payment
No deductible
No waiting period
€96,000 covered
Unpaid rent guarantee (GLI insurance) paid annually or monthly by the owner: from €9.99/month

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How Unkle works


Choose the next renter by asking them to subscribe to Unkle

We can also put you in touch with verified and guaranteed renters who are looking in your area

Be secured

Your renter's file is analysed, verified and certified by Unkle

Share your lease information (date, rent amount...) with Unkle.

Be protected

As soon as the renter has paid, you will receive your guarantee documents.

Share your lease information (date, rent amount...) with Unkle.

You are ready to sign your lease in safety

I want to guarantee my rentsMake an appointment with an advisor

How much is Unkle?

Average price recorded
per month
Or €315.00 / year
€81.00 per year
with Unkle
per month
Or €234.00 / year

Who pays the Rent Guarantee Insurance?

The payment of your guarantee depends on the offer your choose:
The Renter Guarantee doesn't cost anything for your: it's paid for by the tenant
The Rent Guarantee Insurance, is paid for by the landlord
In both case you are insured against unpaid rent

The best support to get reimbursed in case of non-payment

With Unkle, you are relieved of the management of unpaid invoices
Files are validated before subscription, no surprises in the event of a claim.

  • Refunds within 30 days in case of non-payment
  • Accompaniment during the conciliation phase
  • Management of the eviction procedure by Unkle
  • €96,000 covered
  • No deductible
  • No waiting period

The process in case of unpaid rent

Most delinquencies are easily settled after a human exchange with the tenant. In all cases, Unkle will reimburse your unpaid rent within 30 days without deductible or waiting period. Our expert team will assist you throughout the entire unpaid rent procedure.

Day 1

You you declare your unpaid rent on

We open your litigation file and assist you throughout the procedure.
+ 30 days

Unkle reimburses you the unpaid rent amount.

You send a reminder letter to your tenant, this often unblocks the situation.
+ 30 days

You you send a formal notice (certified mail)

Registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt allows you to prove that your tenant has received it.
+ 45 days

Our bailiffs serve a summons to pay to your tenant

Who now has a maximum of two months to settle his debt.
2 months later

Unkle takes the tenant to court

If the debt is not settled by this date, we will take the tenant to court.
Between 1 and 4 months later

The hearing is held and the lease is terminated.

The tenant has up to two months to vacate the apartment.
2 months later

The tenant must have left the premises

He or she will be evicted from the dwelling if this is not the case.

Which tenant to accept with an unpaid rent insurance?

Our unpaid rent insurance offers make it possible to accept all types of tenant profiles. The GLI guarantee is not limited to permanent contracts!

It is not the status that matters to us but the ability of the tenant to pay the rent. We therefore open the door wide to fixed-term contracts, self-employed, freelancers, the unemployed (if they have any income) and other tenant profiles.

Permanent contract
Fixed-term contract
Retired tenant
Entertainment workers
Unemployed tenant

Verification of the tenant file before subscription to the unpaid rent insurance

Unkle systematically verifies and certifies your tenants' files before activating your unpaid rent guarantee or your tenant's unpaid rent insurance. This avoids any re-study of the tenant file to your disadvantage in case of unpaid rent, you will be refunded within 30 days no matter what happens.

Effort rate

What is the effort rate?

The rate of effort is simply the weight of the rent amount. in relation to your tenant's income. The higher the rate of effort, the higher the rent. will be a significant expense for the tenant. It determines which rent for which salary.
Effort rate

What maximum effort rate is accepted for the GLI?

At Unkle, we make sure that the effort rate does not exceed 38% (when the guarantee is financed by the tenant) or 37% (when it is paid for by the owner). In both cases, there is no need to demand an income from the tenant 3x higher than the amount of the rent. (which could translate into an effort rate of 33%).
Effort rate

How is the effort rate assessed?

Our platform automatically calculates the total amount of the tenant's resources by taking into account all the tangible elements (not only the salary) at our disposal: tenant's salary, bonuses, allowances, savings, land income etc. We relate it to the amount of the rent (including charges) to obtain the famous effort rate, expressed as a percentage.
Tenant's documents

What documents for the GLI insurance?

For each application, we ask for an exhaustive list of supporting documents to be provided.

Our platform adapts to each tenant and each situation. Here are the generic elements required to validate the tenant file:

• Identity document
• Proof of income
• Notice of assessment
• Proof of income supplement

Tenant's documents

A first, automated check

Our platform performs several actions autonomously:

• Verification of document compliance via our OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology. • Scan and identification of key elements
• Study of the concordance with the information provided by the tenant

Tenant's documents

A second, human check

At the slightest alert, our operators are asked to carry out an in-depth analysis of the file in order to avoid the following common frauds:

• Document forgery
• Salary garnishment
• Incorrect income tax return
• Concealed judicial liquidation (for self-employed workers)

Is Unkle risk-free?

Unkle is guaranteed by Sada Assurances, a Rent default Insurance specialist (the first French portfolio of Landlord Rent Default Insurance before AXA).

Our insurer Sada Assurances is the French subsidiary of the DEVK Group, one of Europe's leading insurance companies with an A+ rating.

What are the advantages of Unkle?

Unkle allows the renter to convince a landlord that he is the best choice to rent their accomodation. Regardless of the renter's status, Unkle guarantees the rent and will reimburse the landlord in case of unpaid rent.

With Unkle, landlords are reimbursed for unpaid rent within a maximum of 30 days.

What is the cost of Unkle?

The price of Unkle is :

At the expense of the tenant (Unkle Tenant Guarantee), the price starts from €14.99/month

At the owner's expense (GLI Insurance / Unpaid Rent Insurance) the price starts from €9.99/month

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Super concept de GLI qui rassure les propriétaires

j’ai été informé de l’existence de ce service par mon agent immobilier, cela allège les démarches et rassure les propriétaires.

Pourvu que cela se développe et dure dans le temps

Arnaud – 44 years
On Trustpilot

Je recommande Unkle !

Je suis très satisfaite des prestations proposées par Unkle. Leur garantie loyers impayés m’a permis, en moins de 2 heures, de choisir une locataire que je n’aurais pas pu prendre sans leur aide.

Lou – 41 years
Lille, Marketing
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Assurance loyer impayé locataire

je trouve que c‘est très appréciable que ce soit les locataires qui s’engage pour le respect du paiement de leur loyer

SCI Aiguille
On Trustpilot

L’assurance gli Unkle nous a permis de finaliser une location et nous ne pouvons que recommander cette société !

Christiane – 61 years
On Trustpilot

Un bon exemple de professionnalisme. Je loue bien plus sereinement avec mon assurance GLI Unkle


SCI Lavenir
On Trustpilot

Mon locataire sortant me devait encore de l’argent. Unkle a pris immédiatement le relai

À recommander ++

Cyril – 42 years