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Secure your rents for free with Unkle

No more fears of unpaid rents: receive your rents every month

3 advantages of Unkle


Verified and certified tenant files

Access and verifications on databases from the governement

Totally secure rents

Receive your rents every month (with no deductible or waiting period)

Free of charge

The Unkle guarantee is supported by your tenant and does not reduce your rental investment

A very secure product


Immediate repayment as soon as the 1st unpaid amount is due


No deductible


No waiting period


Unkle will take charge of the procedure at its own expense in the event of non-payment

Maximum protection with the leading insurer in terms of unpaid rent guarantees

To guarantee your rents with maximum security, Unkle relies on the leader in unpaid rent insurance in France.

Our insurer Sada Assurances is the French subsidiary of the DEVK group, one of the leading European insurance companies with A+ rating.

The group's financial strength allows us to fully guarantee your rents no matter what happens.

How to have a Unkle tenant guaranteed ?


Contact Unkle by phone

The tenant makes his request on the Unkle site. If accepted, he or she will give you a certificate of eligibility. Then contact us on 01 87 66 77 94.

Sign your Unkle warranty directly online with our experts

Sign the Unkle warranty deed directly online and sign your lease with your tenant in complete peace of mind !

Owners guaranteed by Unkle testify

Séverine G.
41 yo

"As an owner I opted for the Unkle warranty. I feel reassured, I know that I am accompanied, advised. I recommend Unkle"

Cyril T.
65 yo

"My tenant did not pay his rent as of the second month of the lease. Unkle took over immediately. It is very soothing."
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Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some questions that people ask us the most, our customer service is at your disposal to answer all the others.
Unkle is free for owners.
The Unkle guarantee is paid monthly by tenants to cover landlords in the event of non-payment.
Our mission is to allow tenants to have all the information they need to convince you. It is the tenants who subscribe to the service.
Unkle is guaranteed by Sada Assurances, a French specialist in the guarantee of unpaid rents (the first portfolio of unpaid rents guaranteed before AXA).
Our insurer Sada Assurances is the French subsidiary of the DEVK group, one of the European leaders in insurance with an A+ rating.
Sada Assurances has more than two billion in equity capital.
Unkle is thus guaranteed to be at your side in case of hard times to bring a real solidity to your rental file.
Unkle is therefore WITHOUT RISK!
The profile of all our tenants is analysed by our scoring technology, which takes into account a person's real ability to pay their rent each month.
At Unkle, we check all the parts sent by the tenants to certify the profiles.
So you have in front of you a Unkle tenant, with a 100% verified profile and who in addition to that brings you a 100% free guarantee for you, what are you waiting for to take it?!
Unkle is a 100% online - digital guarantor that allows any tenant to have a guarantor.
Unkle is safer for you than a parental or friendly guarantee:
- Unkle is a third party => no risk of family conflicts

- Unkle is a company => unlike individual guarantors who may lose their jobs or have variations in income, Unkle is covered by a leading insurer with several billion of equity capital: it is hard to do more secure!

- Unkle is simple => with Unkle, no mandatory handwritten mention or dispute on the form
If the tenant does not pay rent, Unkle will pay you all the rents not paid by the tenant up to the limits below.
The Unkle coverage covers the owner's entire residential lease.
Two limits should be kept in mind:

- 96,000 euros of unpaid rents covered
- 24 months of unpaid rents covered

There is no deductible and no waiting period.
If a tenant stops paying you tomorrow, you will be reimbursed directly.
The Unkle guarantee ends with the payment of the last rent due by the tenant. So you are completely covered to the end !
Feel free to recommend us to your next tenant. We will be happy to cover you again!
If your tenant is in default, Unkle will have to initiate eviction proceedings against your tenant because we will be mandated (and obliged) by our insurer to do so.
This procedure and all these costs will be covered by Unkle through its insurance partner.
You will continue to be covered for the full term of your insurance contract.
Unkle is a startup founded in 2018 by Matthieu Luneau, Cédric Baulme and Charles-André Richard. The three co-founders themselves had difficulty finding housing, which gave them the idea of founding Unkle.