How do the Unkle refunds work?

In case of non-payment 😟, your file is handled directly by our team of experts
Declare your unpaid invoices quickly and in all simplicity below or from your Unkle space

Download our document on unpaid debts

1 min

1 minute

To declare un unpaid rent and be accompanied by a Unkle expert

30 days

A refund within 30 days maximum

As opposed to a minimum of 3 months with other insurers


100% of the costs covered

Bailiffs, lawyers...

Declar an unpaid rent

Declare your unpaid rent simply and in 1 min.

Declare a new unpaid rent

Our difference?

We believe that insurance should work especially at the time of loss. If you have a claim while insured with Unkle, relax, you are in good hands.

Unlike other insurance companies, we check all files at the time of subscription. When you subscribe, you are therefore sure to be reimbursed in the event of any outstanding payments!

We do not gain anything by delaying or denying claims, so we deal with them quickly and fairly.

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