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We are reinventing access to housing

Today, providing guarantees to its owner is an essential element. Today, someone who does not have a strong guarantor, a permanent contract, has no history in France or earns 3 times the rent will encounter enormous difficulties in finding a home, without having what the landlords consider to be a "bad" application.
Existing solutions on the market are too limited or inefficient:
  • it is always necessary to ask your parents to be guarantor/guarantor (even after 30 years) and even if you have a stable situation,
  • the owners' insurance protection tools are too limited
  • bank guarantees are expensive, take a month to set up and require that the tenant has one year's rent available to be blocked on a bank account.
Often, the solutions available to the tenant are to disguise his real estate search: rent a smaller place, rent further than his search area, hope to find a conciliatory landlord.
Faced with this difficulty of access to housing added to the fear of landlords of suffering unpaid rent for a property for which they have often taken out a mortgage, Unkle offers a simple and digital solution.
Unkle becomes the guarantor of the tenants in 3 minutes (no more need to solicit the parents or his circle and especially for a foreigner or an expatriate) and totally and free of charge secures the owners. It is therefore in the owners' best interest to choose a Unkle tenant
As you will have understood, Unkle's vision is to facilitate and accelerate access to housing while securing and encouraging rental investment from landlords.
Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some questions that people ask us the most, our customer service is at your disposal to answer all the others.
The Unkle contribution is paid monthly at the same time as your rent and depends on the amount of your rent, your expenses and your personal situation.
The monthly price of the service is 3.5% of the monthly rent. For example, if the rent of your apartment is 900 €, the Unkle guarantee will cost you 31.5 € per month.
You only pay once you have found the accommodation you are going to occupy. The end of contributions takes place when you leave the apartment. For example, if your lease is for 3 years but you only stay for one year, you will only have to pay the Unkle warranty for 1 year.
We need in particular:

- your identity card or passport t
- your employment contract or proof of income (invoices, pay slips) if you are self-employed, in particular (if you are a foreigner or expatriate and if you don't have an employment contract yet or a hiring letter, you can send a proof of income such as a bank statement)
- your last tax notice (no need of this document for a foreigner or an expatriate)

You also have the option of giving us any other document that may explain your current financial situation: for example, your latest bank statements or any other document attesting to your financial health.
Are you missing any of the requested documents? No problem, write to us and we will see how best to do it.
Owners tend to take the application that offers them the best guarantees. Are you tired of wasting your time and seeing all the apartments go by under your nose ?
Unkle is the guarantor that boosts your rental file. We guarantee the solidity of your application to an owner: your owner is protected against the risks of non-payment and therefore has every interest in choosing you as a future tenant even if you are a foreigner.
Unkle is a bit like your uncle who helps you access housing easily and quickly !
To benefit from the Unkle guarantee, we look to see if you have the financial capacity to pay your rent: you can forget the rule of being french (or non expatriate/non foreigner), having 3 times the rent and the mandatory permanent contract.
Our mission is to help you obtain the accommodation of your choice: we will analyse your situation in the light of all the documents provided and we will do everything we can to help you.
The more information you provide us about your personal and financial situation, the more we will be able to trust you and provide you with the right coverage.
In France, in order to rent an apartment easily and quickly, you need to:

1. Have a stable situation (permanent contract)
2. Have a strong guarantor
3. Have a French banking history
4. Earn at least three times the rent

If you miss one of these conditions, you will have difficulty finding accommodation quickly and easily in France.
Unkle will boost your application to make it easier for you to convince an owner that no matter you are a foreigner or expatriate, you are the perfect fit for him !

- Unkle is an online guarantor that reassure your future owner to pay your rent each month no matter your status or nationality.
- Unkle can go up to an effort rate of 42% vs. the classic 33% on the French market (earn at least 3 times the rent). Don't you earn three times the rent? Unkle can still guarantee your rent as long as you have the ability to pay it!
- Unkle is a French company insured by a French insurer: say hello to your French banking history in France !
- Unkle guarantees all types of profiles: whether you are expatriates, foreigners, on permanent contracts, fixed-term contracts, freelancers, freelancers, self-employed, self-employed, shared accommodation, students, young workers, probationary workers, retired people (etc.), Unkle will be delighted to be your guarantor!!
At Unkle, our mission is to give you access to the accommodation even if you do not have the best rental file.
We take into account your financial capacity to meet your rent each month. If we believe that you have the money available each month to pay your rent, we can be your guarantor!
Thus, your situation (expatriates, foreigners, unemployment, probationary period, fixed-term contract, self-employed...) does not matter.
It is for this purpose that we look at your income, your situation, your expenses...
Yes, of course! Our mission is to help every tenant access housing. If you meet our conditions, we will be happy to be your guarantor.
You do not start paying your Unkle guarantee until you have found your home and signed your lease.
The payment of your contribution is monthly and is equivalent to 3.5% of your rent (example: 17.5 € per month for a CC rent of 500 €).
You pay this amount until you leave the apartment.
It will take you less than 3 minutes to complete the questionnaire.
After downloading the documents and validating your request, you will hear from us within the next 24 hours.
The process on Unkle is therefore very simple, fast and intuitive!
If the tenant does not pay rent, Unkle will pay you all the rents not paid by the tenant up to the limits below.
The Unkle coverage covers the owner's entire residential lease.
Two limits should be kept in mind:

- 96,000 euros of unpaid rents covered
- 24 months of unpaid rents covered

There is no deductible and no waiting period.
If a tenant stops paying you tomorrow, you will be reimbursed directly.